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Highlighting our Residential Living Program

This October, we are highlighting our Residential program as one of the backbones at Casa Treatment Center. Casa Treatment Center offers a high-intensity Residential Treatment Program that is delivered in a loving, home-like living facility in Pasadena, CA residences. Taking the step towards seeking treatment is a major and difficult decision for many individuals, our goal at Casa is to help them along their path toward recovery. 

What is Residential Treatment?

Residential Treatment is a live-in program at a licensed treatment facility for individuals who are suffering from substance use. Residential treatment is recommended for everyone, especially for individuals who suffer from long-term substance abuse or mental health problems. Clients who participate in a residential program have access to a recovery-focused environment with round-the-clock care. In a living facility, they are also surrounded by peers who share the same goals of working toward recovery. This opportunity can provide them a chance to socialize and develop solid relationships with one another. 

The goal of residential care is to provide individuals with the knowledge and skills to live a life without the use of substances. Residential programs are designed to follow a structured nature that can help provide treatment without any outside influence. 

Casa Treatment Residential Program

Our Residential Treatment Program caters to the needs of the individual with customized treatment plans designed accordingly for each person. Our clinical team of highly skilled therapists and certified addiction counselors are led by our experienced directors. Before entering the program, clients are assessed and placed in the appropriate level of care based on their addiction severity and individual needs. 

We offer recovery services for women. Our Residential Program was created to help women transition from substance use disorder treatment to a sober living environment. Our residential program includes various activities designed to support mental, physical, and emotional recovery. One major keystone of our program is the group and individual therapy sessions where individuals can explore boundaries, relapse triggers, women’s issues, family systems, anger management, codependent relationships, domestic violence, grief, and safety. 

In our treatment programs at Casa, we include treatment programs such as: 

  • Addiction Education
  • Co-Occurring Disorder Education and Treatment Benefits
  • Relapse Prevention
  • Family Program

Following the Residential Treatment Program, individuals are placed in our Outpatient program where they learn more skills that they can apply to their daily lives. The transition into the real world can be challenging, which is why our outpatient program is designed to give individuals the opportunities to manage the change. To learn more about our Outpatient program, click here. 

Highlighted below is an introduction to Casa Treatment Center’s services. To know more about Casa, watch the video below or click here

Casa Treatment Center

Alumna & Staff share their experiences of our treatment center.

For intake appointments or additional information regarding services, please call us at (855) 954-2272.