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Our Treatment Approach

Casa Treatment Center

Individualized Care

Casa provides individualized treatment plans specifically designed for women to address addiction, trauma, and co-occurring mental health disorders or dual-diagnosis.  We educate our clients on relapse prevention to help identify potential triggers to relapse, develop coping skills to deal with obsessing and craving, and learn alternative responses to assist them in making the necessary and healthy decisions earlier in the obsession process. 

Unfortunately, sexual, emotional and physical trauma are a large part of most women’s stories.  For many, these stories have never been shared and have been silenced with the fog of addiction.  Removing the alcohol and drugs and creating a safe and open environment allows participants to share their stories and leave these experiences in the past along with misplaced shame and guilt that may have underlined their addiction for years. 

In addition to case management, we have a robust schedule of groups, and provide weekly counseling sessions

Casa treats the whole person and the underling sources behind the addition.