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White House Releases New Dashboard on Non-Fatal Opioid Overdoses

In 2022, The Biden Administration launched a new website called The National Emergency Medical Services information System (NEMSIS) that utilizes electronic medical service data to track non-fatal overdoses. This website holds national data from the U.S States and its Territories. This collaborative system helps raise the national standard for patient care information resulting from prehospital EMS activations documentation. The purpose of NEMSIS is to provide a standardized data collection and reporting system that can be used by EMS agencies across the United States to track and improve the quality of patient care. NEMSIS consists of data standards and a data collection system that are used by EMS agencies to record and report information about each patient’s encounter. 

As this is a collaborative system designed to be integrated with other healthcare information systems such as electronic medical record systems (EMR) to help create patient centered programs. Benefits to having a patient centered approach is to receive the best care possible while having all of their needs met. 

Our work at Casa benefits heavily from this new website. NEMSIS can be used to collect and report data on substance abuse incidents and patient care related to substance abuse. We can collect and report data on the types of substances involved, the symptoms experienced by the patient, the kind of care and treatment was provided, and outcomes. The data collected through NEMSIS can be used by our facility to track trends in substance use incidents, identify areas where more resources are needed, and evaluate the effectiveness of programs. 

Overall, the use of NEMSIS can help us improve our treatment programs to help support individuals in their recovery from substance abuse.